Monday, 19 September 2011

Horseyhead Nebular

These layouts are from Issue 58 of The Scrapbook Magazine. I was given an interesting assignment this month and that was to take inspiration from another (bloggers) Scrapbooking style. I chose Stacey Michaud have a look at the article to find out why, but do pop on over to her blog and have a look at her fantastic layouts.

This first one is called Horseyhead Nebular, I wanted to document Joes love of Space, when he was younger especially he was obsessed with all things black holes and Nebulars, and it especially documents that he used to call Horsehead Nebulars, Horseyheads which was so cute!

And then this one with a picture of Jessicas hair that I curled for her School Disco before the end of term.

Finally this one that was a challenge, I was given a very short deadline (3 days with which to make it and get it to them, which meant really that I had to make it and post it the same day!) It was my first time using a stock photo and also these are made from the free papers included with the Magazine in this issue. I was thrilled when I got my copy in the post today to see that it had made it to the cover - v exciting!

I have to say that I think my photos of these layouts look a lot better than the ones in the mag, for some reason they have photographed them very dark, which is not how they look, the kraft based one especially!


  1. Lovely LOs Emma, and well done again on the magazine - you're a cover girl now!

  2. Love these LO's Emma. I espcially love Jo's LO.
    Well done for getting on the cover. How cool is that?!! : )

  3. These are really great layouts, and you must be so happy to be on the cover.I'll go and get my copy tomorrow! Karen


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