Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Happy Days

An ironic post title seeing as it isn't! I woke up with a sore throat/fuzzy head and wish I had just stayed there!

I've bent a long thumb nail backwards and whacked my funny bone in my elbow as I have gone about my business today, I think life waits until you are feeling a bit shitty and just piles it all on!

Still I was determined to get a bit of crafty time in this morning, and so I sat down to create and....... nothing! Picasa was messing me about and so I lost interest in photo printing see as "Picasa wants to take the p**s" (I do think that things are against me when I an having a day like this !!)

So I made a card, I nearly didn't bother but I saw this Jukebox and took it as a starting point and this was made, quickly and unfussily. The sewing machine also had it in for me and the bobbin ran out of thread on the last side of paper and for the life of me the bobbin would not click back in, after struggling with that for 15 mins, I had a little cry (seriously 10 secs) kicked the bloody machine (or at least the drawers it stands on and decided not to stitch the last side! As the card says "Happy Days!!"


  1. oh dear, I think you ought to go back to bed!

    Great card though!

  2. Hi Emma, thanks for stopping by - what a couple of days we are having between us huh? Hopefully you are feeling better by now, me? I still have to wait for them to send the disc of new software through so no new iphone just yet!! Boo! Love your card though - its very happy!! xx

  3. Fun card.
    Lets hop todays a better day : ) x


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