Friday, 9 September 2011

Things to do Friday

Things I must do:

Take down Joseph's birthday balloons, they have been up for 2 weeks now and I am sick of seeing them, but don't like popping balloons.

Clear out the crap on the coffee table and throw out old magazines, but in my defense I have just tackled our 3 clutter drawers in the kitchen and so I have had enough! (although I prob will get this done!)

Think about what I am having for lunch BEFORE it gets too late and I end up starving and yet having to cook something that is low calorie and boring.

Actually do my hair instead of scragging it back in a messy pony - Jason must sometimes think he has married a bag lady - and in that vein, not be in my PJ bottoms when he walks in tonight!

I have painted a picture of myself a a slovenly creature and thats probably fairly right hehe I do try but have a low threshold for clearing out drawers, cupboards, laundry baskets etc!

Anywho here are a couple of layouts that I created recently for a (yet another failed) Design Team application. In the first layout I airbrushed the background with the Letraset Airjet system and then sitiched the suns rays!

Have a good weekend everybody, I have more layouts to share in a couple of days!

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