Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Christmas comes early

One thing about scrapping commissions for magazines is that you are always scrapping out of season, this can be nice when you are doing summer layouts in February but ugghh trying to scrap Christmas in August when you are desperatley trying to ignore that Christmas is approaching is a pain in the bum!

And that is what I found myself doing this past week, 2 separate Christmas commissions. I am not a big photographer of big events and had to use photos that I have scrapped before (apart from one old photo I found of Jessica with Father Christmas when she was about 6)

As my blog has been a bit thin on the ground lately due to commissions I thought I would pepper this post with sneeks of my christmas themed layouts that I made. Now I am firmly sticking my head back in the sand where christmas is concerned!

Good thing is that I am now finally done and dusted with all my deadlines and I may get a bit of 'for me' scrapping done this week, or there again.........

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