Monday, 5 September 2011

Back to (New) School

Ahhh/Awww back to school day, mixed feelings about this! Its been so nice to have a lazy relaxed few weeks, with lie-ins and the kids for company but I do like my routines and I love that today by 9.15am I had showered, walked the dog in the fields, done all my morning jobs including hoover the stairs and cleaned the bathroom. I am however red eyed and zombified as I have hardly slept and it would have been so nice to have an extra hour or two of sleep today.

So we woke up today to sporadic torrential downpours, just what Jessica wanted for her first day at Senior School. She might have looked pretty when she left this morning, but I think she may have arrived a bit soggy! I wanted her to walk but 2 minutes after she left I had to send Jason after her in the car as the rain was sheeting it down!

Joe absolutely did NOT want his photo taken with Jess, I had to get quite shouty about it all, not so good when Jessicas friends were at the door waiting (15 mins early so I hardly could take any pics )

They both looked so smart, this will absolutely not last and by this time next week they will look like they live in a hedge - I have given up fighting it!

School Uniform is soooo expensive, those are just polo shirts but they have the school logo on them and so they can charge £10 each, they are such poor quality in the way they wash, one little mark and it will NEVER come off, and of course you have to have the school branded one, makes me a bit mad that! The jumpers are much the same!

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  1. They look very smart, Joe does not look best pleased with having his photo taken though!


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