Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Afternoon, I'm feeling much better now after a short lie in today, the dog was not pleased with having his morning walk an hour late, he was v mournful about it all!

I wanted to craft today and first made a card, as I was tidying away I made a little embellishment from the scraps on my desk that actually inspire me to scrap a layout! Its the the embellishment on the top right with the silhouette. The background of which is hand stamped. I've never had an embellishment as a starting point before!


  1. Nor me it's a fab layuout with lots of cool borders and layering.

  2. Dear Emma,

    You make me larf so much!!!
    Thank you for your funny comment.
    The think the extra weight was all poo.
    I can't go when we have anyone in the house or when we stay anywhere : )
    Ade's always telling me I'm full of crap!!
    I guess I really was.

    Yours sincerly


    ps....Love your card and love you loads too
    : )


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