Friday, 17 June 2011

A welcome respite

I've had a marvelous day, a new assignment from The Scrapbook Magazine (and its an assignment I am LOVING!) and a brand new big box of stasharama in the post. I have not had new stash in eons, its been about 4 months since I cancelled my kit club sub and its been about 2 CHA's since I put in a fun order for supplies. I put in the order after the most craptastic of days, and even that did not cheer me up, but i'm glad I did it now!

I've enjoyed using up some of my paper mountain, but lets face it, we scrapbookers need new products to feel inspired! It was so exciting when I opened up my box, I couldn't wait to get started. I've made a LO but its for the aforementioned assignment so I can't show it!

Its been a funny old week, Bruno has been scent marking a couple of spots in our house and its really gotten me down, the smell is horrendous. Add on to that the fact that Jason has been really rather poorly all week and has been at home with a gastro type illness. TMI alert (you have been warned!): I have had rundowns all week on the state of Jasons ilness, the type, the colour etc etc, he really does like to talk about it, I have been affectionatly calling them 'The Poo Monologues' (all done in a little boy/pathetic/ I think I am dying voice) I once, ONCE mentioned that I was going for a number 2 and he says "I'm not sure I needed that much information" I swear I nearly LAMPED him one! He is luckily slowly on the mend now and is walking about and starting to eat again, which is lucky cos frankly my sympathy was perhaps beginning to wane a bit (I have actually been superwife this last 5 days!), and I am running out of air freshener.

And I will finish this post with a lil pic of a card I made yesterday, early doors on the old teachers thank you card - superwife, supermotherofstudent (or something!)

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