Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The last donkey ride

My husband is lovely, he went down the post office at 7am this morning so that when I came downstairs at 7.30 not only was my usual cup of tea waiting for me but my parcel was too. Jason said that there were about 4/5 other people picking up parcels that early, so god knows what the postie was up to yesterday!

So with my new lovely (half price) goodies I sat down to create. Its another painty, mess one and its one of Joe - Yay!

Its Jessicas sports day this afternoon - Jess has had something on every day this week and something that parents were invited to (uggh!)

I've mentioned before on this blog how much I LOVE sports day, I love that its never the same, I love that it starts on time, I love how well organised it is, I love how short and snappy it is, I love standing on the same spot for 2 hours, I love how crowded it is, it is just HEAVEN to me! I'm supposed to be there in just over half an hour but I have told Jess that I will come for just the last 45 mins or so. The good news is this is my last ever sports day YAY YAY YAY!!!! seriously its cute when the are little tots but after about 15-20 sports days, I am ready for them to be over!


  1. You've made good use of your new goodies!

    I hope you enjoyed your last sports day, did you shed even the tiniest of tears?

  2. Tears? I'm cracking open the champers here!!


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