Monday, 13 June 2011

Water Works

Hello, nice to have a bit of sunshine this afternoon after such a dreary weekend.

I have Jason home today, he is not feeling very well. God he is a grumpy bugger whens he ill, you can't get a civil sentance out of him at all, I am hoping he will be working tomorrow!!

I needed to escape from Jason today so I took myself off to the kitchen to scrap and made this Layout, its really cute in real life but has not photographed too well despite the sunshine!

I got into such a mess with the mist, my hands are now a fetching shade of blue!

Jessicas drama performance was so cute! There was a really good atmosphere in the hall and she really shone, it was nice that her dad and stepmum came to watch too.


  1. Great layout, love the masked splashes!

  2. The misting was well worth the blue hands, looks great!

  3. Love the misting !!!!
    Those splashes have come out so well, the pink banner is cute too.
    Missed your previous post. Love the flicky hair xx


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