Saturday, 11 June 2011

Dig a Hole - and new hair


Nice quiet afternoon here, Jessica is at her school summer fayre, I am not going because Jess is not bothered and if I am truthful I HATE things like that, I feel like I have done my years of trawling around fayres full of tat and spending a fortune on things I have no interest in and getting bothered by crowds of people- ugh! I've realised over the last year that I do not like crowds, I do not like too many other people all trying to get to/see things and I am slowly stopping doing activites like this, or limiting the time I will be there, they just make me throughly miserable! (Only one more sports day to go through as well!!! yay!!)

Jess also has her performance tonight which although again involves too many people, I am looking forward too, and its good its only for an hour, even I can cope with that! She's so excited and has practised so hard, it will be lovely to see her do her solos

Jason is yet again stripping paint in our bathroom, so I have spent a quiet hour or two scrapping and have come up with this very very bright page (it was almost in the bin at one stage!!)

And here is a pic of my new hair (sans make-up urgghh! sorry!!!) that I had done on Monday, I can only cope with my long locks for so long!


  1. Love the new do. Hope you have a good evening

  2. Love the do Emma, mine looks like that when the hairdresser does it too! xx


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