Thursday, 9 June 2011

Turning back the years

Yesterday was Jessicas 11th Birthday and so I was naturally thinking back to her birth and her baby years and was inspired to scrap one of her baby photos, well a toddler photo as she was about 18 months in this photo.

Its a different style to my normal but its nice to change things up from time to time.

And here she is last night in the outfit my mum bought her (that is already so badly stained, I don't know how its going to come out - mum, have you ever met my daughter, WHITE? really?) and playing with the ipod touch I was foolishly conned into buying her (how much!???!!!)

She had a lovely day and was so thrilled with all her presents. She is still very much into teddys and she got the Selena Gomez bear from the bear factory and a gift voucher for there too, and more cash then any child should ever really have. I ALWAYS buy books for my children for christmas and birthdays and luckily they are always appreciated. We had Fajitas and ice-cream cake for tea at Jessicas request - all in all a lovely day!

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