Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Rise of the Machines

Joe and I are both HUGE fans of the Terminator films (I let him watch them last summer, these days Dr Who is scarier!)

When we saw this Terminator behind a glass case at the new pier at Weston we had to have a pic. This man walked over and said "what does it do?" and I said "not much hopefully or I am OUT OF HERE!!!" he wasn't impressed with it, I think he wanted it to break out and start shooting or something!

Anyway here is a layout I made with my scary robot friend in it (this has possibly the longest title ever!!)

Some robots are cute, like this little fella!

Wish me luck I have a sleepover for Jess tonight, although the girls are all fine really and are currently off at the swimming pool, I will have a houseful in about an hour!


  1. Ha ha - love it! Great title, love how you've used the different letters and colours - even if it is really long! xx

  2. Great layout, love the long title as the main embellishment for the page. Hope the sleepover went well. Becky x


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