Friday, 10 June 2011

Beside the Sea

I'm using a lot more colourful card backgrounds at the moment and trying to steer clear of my usual white card choice, this was made easier by sorting all my cardstock into one huge bag in rainbow order.

I absolutely love the little wave border that I cut on my craft robo, I used it on a card the other week too! This was a lovely easy one that made itself using a Bella Blvd line.

Im really doing well using up lots of older paper lines, I haven't bought ANY of last CHA releases and only a small bit of the one before! I don't even get a kit anymore. The downside to this is it is harder to get inspired, but at least I am using it up a bit now.

We've had a bit of a manic week this week. Jessica is in a performance on Saturday night and there have been lots of last minute rehersals in the evenings this week (inc tonight) and lots of ferrying around. Tonight is the dress rehersal, it was only Monday we were told of all these extra rehersals along with the dress requirements (only white top and black leggings, but typically Jess does not have a white top and her black leggings have a hole in arrgghhh!!) so she has been pinned into one of mine and I have sewn up the hole. Tonight I will hopefully be able to pick up one of each in Asda for the real performance on Sat.

Also she is on the committee for the summer fayre on Sat daytime and has had lots to sort out for that and her teacher (rather unfairly) has been giving her a bit of grief about it. Also her birthday so the poor girl has been in a bit of a whirl all week and tonight and tomorrow will be a complete panic I am sure! Jess has over committed herself a bit!

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  1. Jess has got a busier life than me!

    Have been having trouble commenting on blogger recently, but have loved your LOs especially yesterday's I think it was.

    Hope you have an enjoyable weekend.


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