Tuesday, 21 June 2011

That 70's Shot

This was not what I intended to scrap this morning, but my lappy (of under 4 months!) decided to play silly buggers and would not switch on past a certain point, would not find any errors and would not system restore. I was not pleased! After a fairly fraught hour or two I have got it up and running, I have no clue what it was stroppy about, but at least I am back online!

This is a pic of Jason (in the blue stripey) and his brothers that they took to frame for his mothers 70th birthday last month.

I had a marvelous weekend, I took Joe and Jess into town on the bus on Sat, and it was really fun to spend time with just the two of them out of the house. We had a nice posh (for kids) lunch at giraffe, which was a lot more expensive than the usual maccy d's but was lovely as a treat, and I hope it was a day for them to remember! Jess spent all her birthday money, and we spent far far too long in build a bear than I care for but there you go! Jess bought a bear and a Darth Vadar outfit for it, and I was trying not to laugh, but the bear looked more like he had a rubber fetisist really and with his bright red light saber in his hand, it all looked a bit dodgy to me. Still she proudly gave it its own seat on the way home on the bus, whilst I tried not to snigger.


  1. I do wonder about some of the outfits in Build a Bear! You remind me that I have a Giraffe cookbook, must use that sometime!

    Cute LO, if you can say that about grown men!

  2. Had to laugh. I have visions in my head that are very wrong : )
    Love that 70's page x


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