Sunday, 27 December 2009

Our Christmas.

Christmas was fab! These first 2 pics from Christmas Eve and the traditional leaving out a mince pie and carrot for Santa and the reindeer. We had a busy Christmas Eve, we went to the pub for an hour in the afternoon to say hello and merry christmas to some friends, and then on to Jason's mums for a family tea. We did not stay to long there and then it was home to relax. The kids went to bed at 9pm very excited!

Hanging up the stockings!

Christmas morning and the moment Jess realised she had got a mobile! She was thrilled!

A lovely hug from Jess for the mobile

We then travelled up to Cheltenham to have lunch with my parents and my brother at his new flat. He did a LOVELY lunch and it was a lovely afternoon. Here is Jess and Joe with their google straws (that is grape juice, dont worry!!!)

We then travelled back to Bristol and dropped the kids off at their dads, Jason and I then went home for lots of cups of tea and telly.

Boxing day we met mates in the pub at 1pm, Brilliant afternoon, the landlord was playing his guitar and singing and it was a lot of fun. This pic was taken in the next pub enroute to Les and Rays house. This pic is Nicky, Me and Les, we don't look too bad considering we had already been out for 5 hours by then!

Back at Rays house, we got out the wii and spent a lot of the time jumping about like loons as these pics show. We had some lovely boxing dayish food and drinks and had a great laugh!

Today we picked the kids up and are relaxing at home, we are supposed to be going to Jason's dads for yet another family get together but I said no, the poor kids have not been home since christmas morning and I have hardly been home myself, am knackered and not really into seeing Jason's family again when we just saw them Christmas Eve, so Jason has gone on his own. Its nice to be home!

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