Monday, 7 December 2009

CC Day 6-7

Hiya, still keeping up to date with my Christmas Countdown, I daren't let myself get too far behind as I am a slow scrapper and if I fell behind it would become a chore rather than a pleasure to do these little pages. Day 6 is our tree, we put it up yesterday afternoon, its a new tree this year, we were given Jason's mums old one as she heard we were going to get a new one as our old one is too narrow and this was going spare, so we nabbed it! Its much better and more impressive than the last one. IMPOSSIBLE to get a nice shot of it though, my camera turns it into a dead sparse thing. Also our wallpaper clashes in the shots of it terribly. Ah well.

Day 7 is about our mismash of decos, just the way I like it!

We had a nice quiet weekend, on Saturday the wii was on for hours, Jason and I were playing a lot of golf - its one game I can actually from time to time beat him on!

Far too much crap food was consumed this weekend but a lot of dog walking and playing on wii sports has hopefully negated too much weight gain.

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  1. Those baubles look gorgeous! Some great pages you have there.


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