Saturday, 19 December 2009

Got Craft - at last!

Yay! at last I have done some more Christmas Diary pages, I am soooo over this diary now lol but I will crack on.

Trying to simpliyfy it at the mo, being a slow scrapper a daily thing is a hard thing to acheive!! Add in a stinking cold and having to do other stuff, its been a struggle this week.

Look at Jess in her school play, she was the 'mum' and it was a comedy role, she got some laughs bless her and remembered all her lines, I almost forgot to take this pic and only just got it in!

This meal was actually on the 15th, I drank very little as I felt rough and was home by 10.15, but am glad I went as it perked me up a bit and the food was delicious!

Aint she purtty?? She told me she didn't want to go to the disco and then changed her mind on the night! Luckily we managed to get her a ticket.

So now I am only 2 days behind - thank the lord.

I am thankfully over my cold now and feel all zippy and energised, tonight we are currying it with Nicky and Alan, we were supposed to be taking the kids to the cimema this afternoon with Andy and Elaine and his kids to see "Where the wild things are" but neither of my two wanted to go and I hate the cinema so thats off lol. My diet is going a bit pants, christmas food in house = christmas food in my mouth lol but luckily its not shown on the scales yet.

Thats about all for my MASSIVE post, I have done another Layout but I cannot show you as its for something a bit special!

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  1. I'm impressed that you are keeping up with your Xmas journal. I'm wayyyy behind, like 20 days!!! Luv seeing your pages.


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