Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Day 8 - and UNdecorating our tree

Oh dear, I am one day behind, I tried to do day 9 today, but day 8 ink hadn't dried so I couldn't turn the page and get on with it.

Last night was good fun, had a lovely steak and a natter, and no hangover today at all which is a result.

The christmas tree has been UNdecorated today, went to switch the lights on this morning and Kaput! they blew (we seem to be having a lot of things blowing at the moment, something goes everyday, so I think we are looking at a rewire, and I don't want to even think about how much that will cost!) so the tree has been undecorated and Jason is bringing back a load more lights this evening when we will decorate it again. Theres a job you really want to be doing twice *rollseyes*


  1. Great page Emma. Sorry to hear about the lights, hope the new ones are even better and it makes it worth the 2 lots of decorating!

  2. Luv how you used the stamps on this page! Sorry to hear about the lights.... annoying how it has to happen at this particular moment.


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