Monday, 14 December 2009

It had to happen.

I knew it would, I am behind on my Christmas Countdown. Had a really busy weekend, Saturday spent running errands and Sunday socialising with friends.

Last night I was up ALL night with chronic indegestion, and I still have it a bit now, am mostly dead on my feet. Did not feel like doing anything today but then my Dec Scrapagogo kit arrived and I couldn't resist. Managed to do 2 more pages in CC but it was slow going and I did it sat on the sofa lol.

Joe the little darling has just walked in with a mahoosive box and declared it to be his school project "When does it need to be done by" says I, "Tomorrow" says he, I think I may have cried! Anyway I have covered it in yellow bazzill (its suppose to be a golden temple) lectured him on time management and told him the rest is up to him! At first I had a bit of a strop and told him I wouldn't help "It will be your fault if we all get detention" He had the cheek to say! "No Joe, no it won't! Pah!


  1. Don't you hate it when it happens? Hope he did complete it on time. My son did, after loads of help from me!

  2. you won the lip slicks my dear girl - you simply won the total and utter freeby giveaway of a poster of your choice too - tell me which one you want and email me your name and ddress to
    Congrats my sweet girl xx


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