Thursday, 17 December 2009

OMG starts to hyperventilate

I feel like poo - AGAIN, really I am sick of these constant colds, I went to the docs today to get some stuff for my constant(do you see a theme here?) indigestion and mentioned how fed up I am with it, he can't do much but suggested a blood test to check iron levels etc - I agreed but I don't hold up much hope for that really. 13 years I have been living with this now, with colds that have me knocked out every 5-8 weeks.

Went straight from docs to Asda Cribbs to do "The CHRISTMAS food shop" We drive a hr long round trip as its so much bigger and quieter than our local asda. We are only just back and I am about finished, I am already in my PJ's.

Craft wise I am on a go slow, I am still doing my Christmas Diary but I am now several days behind :( I have done a stonking LO (one of my favs of recent) but can't show you as I have entered it into something.

BIG NEWS - coming soon, I am chuffed to ribbons, but again I can't tell you!!! pah! and and and whilst writing this post, more news, that nearly had me hyperventilating!!!!


  1. Can't wait to hear your news! Any clues...??!

  2. Now you got me curious!!!! Can't wait for the reveal!


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