Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Random Ramblings and a Layout

The Wii fit is telling me that I have put on 2lbs since my last body test 3 days ago - I bloody have not! It tells you off this thing and I swear one more sanctimonious lecture from the little animated balance board and its out the window! To err on the side of caution I managed about 45 mins of exercise on it this morning.

Nicky had just called me to compliment me on the light up santa in our window (she drives past my house on her way to and from work. I'm not one for a lot of lights so we just have the one and its quite sweet. She also asked if I fancied going out tonight, so we are off to the ship for their 2 courses and a glass of vino for £12, feel all excited about the prospect of an unexpected night out at short notice, love having a natter and a drink with Nicky, good job really as I do it enough! lol

Skittle is being a very silly kitty, she is walking with a limp now after her little accident 3 weeks ago, but only when she thinks someone is watching, I have been watching her out of the window and she is running about on all 4 legs, leaping about without a care in the world etc and the minute she comes back in the house shes all limpy limpy. She is obviously putting it on. I have been worried about it but she is slowly limping less.

I am still up to date with CC- I have done todays entry (well about 95% of it anyway) but have no pics as yet, so here is a pic of a Layout I did a month or so ago and forgot to post! A special note to Audrey, thanks so much for the heart stamps I won, that was super speedy delivery and they are lovely thanks, I have even used them on my CC Day 8 page, which I will post tomorrow to show you!

**********LO image removed due to exciting stuff I cannot mention!******************

Don't ask about the driving, I am NOT enjoying it, I am NOT driving well and I have gone from a grade B to a D in bay parking (yes he grades everything I do! not supposed to know that but I do!!) In fact I refused to do Bay parking today after Jason kept shaking his head and sighing at me, I told him NO MORE! I do do a mean turn in the road though!

Right I am off to make the kids packed lunches, make the kids tea, tidy my desk, and make myself look a little presentable for my happily unexpected night out! woohoo!

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  1. Lovely page! Now is that a SL stamp that I see? :)


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