Friday, 4 December 2009

CC Day 3-4

Managing to keep up with my christmas countdown, luckily Jason got a frost shot for me this morning (wish I had taken my camera to the fields with me as it was beautiful in spots this morning, would have gotten a really pretty pic!)

I have been a little wirlwind this morning, I have taken dog to the fields, clean downstairs and hoovered throughout (inc stairs, I HATE the stairs) cleaned the bathroom, ironed some clothes, done 30 mins on the wii fit and then made the Brrrr page.

Its a pity after all that cleaning that the kitchen now looks like a bomb has gone off in it! Thats what crafting in the kitchen does. Can't wait for the kids to leave home so I can turn one of their rooms into a scrapbook room! Only another 5 years til I can chuck Joe out - hes had plenty of warning its happening so he can't complain!! I joke!!! (ish)

1 comment:

  1. Great pages, love your Day 3 one, may have to borrow that idea!


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