Thursday, 31 March 2011

A little bird house in your soul

All the time I was making this card I had that song in my head!

I had some good customer service yesterday, not too often you can say that these days. I bought 3 Craft Robo blades from ebay and they arrived the very next day! However I think I must have got a faulty batch as 2 of them snapped on the first use and the other is not cutting through the card and snagging etc. Does anyone else feel like a thief when they have to complain about something like this? Do you think the retailer is going "yeah right, all 3 blades are defunct are they"? Makes me feel really bad lol. However the lady was very good and offered a refund straight away and said she would test that batch in her machine. I've said I will purchase 3 from her that she has tested if they are in working order. Fairs fair and all that!

My first blade lasted 2 years!!! Think that has spoilt me really.

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