Friday, 1 April 2011

New Hair

Look how much its grown since my wedding 10 months ago, I do sleep on pillows of fertiliser though! Its been a bit limp and flat lately and I fanicied a change without a, going to the hairdressers, and b, cutting the length.

So I cut in a fringe this morning, it looks a bit sparse in this pic, but its quite a full fringe and I rather like it! The photo is B&W cos my face is still beetroot from my run! :)

And yes I am aware that I look about 12!


  1. Wow, it has really grown.
    You are brave, I would never cut my own hair x

  2. Gosh, can't believe how much it's grown!

  3. Wish my hair would grow that quickly, it looks great Emma but you are very brave cutting it yourself!! xx


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