Saturday, 5 March 2011

One girl and her dog

Well what do you know, I've actually managed to get off my bottom and make a LO, amazing as I've been in such a slump recently! Its not photographed fantastically but here it is. I must make an effort to use different sized photos more often as that was all I needed to get going this time!

Jess reckons I have used that title before, she might be right!

Next up some cards, with my creativity slump I have just been pushing scraps around and in those moments one or two cards were made!

Love making mini cards at the moment!

And then this full sized one, its missing something though

I've recently joined Pinterest and wow there are some inspiring things on there, I saw this and thought "yes"!!! and immediately made a few crocheted shapes to make a start on my very own crochet wall.

We are finally in the last stages of decorating Jessicas room, its been striped, de-moulded, painted white, re -arranged and now we just have to do the fun bits, I have decided that I am indeed going to paint polka dots on 2 of her walls - this could be disastrous but it could also look pretty damn cool! We shall see! My craft robo is going to be busy cutting out all the templates thats for sure!


  1. Lovely LO Emma. Have you tried putting a cherry on that cupcake? Might be what is missing! xx

  2. Great page and cards Emma.
    Good luck with the pianting x


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