Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Running (wo)Man

I thought I would let you know how I have been getting on with my running today. I've had the treadmill for 24 days now and I have done 17 runs and 1 high incline walk on it, not bad eh?

I am so contrary at times, running on a treadmill is supposed to be a bit easier than outside running as it is easier on your joints as its lower impact and you land on a nice spring cushioned belt. I of course am finding it harder! My poor calfs are SCREAMING at me about 3 minutes into a run, however they only hurt for the duration of the workout and don't give me any bother at any other time, no stiffness etc, which is good.

(I don't feel superior ha!)

I find it easier to keep the belt flatish (little to no incline) and run faster, running at a slow to moderate pace kills me, running at 8.5-10 kph feels so much more comfortable to me.

Theoretically I am up to a 25 min run, I tried to do this yesterday and my legs were not having it so I did longish intervals instead. Today I did a custom workout on the treadmill and did my furthest distance and calories in my 30 min workout ever!

I HATE running but I LOVE it sooo much more! Its so lovely when you are at the end of a workout, its even lovely when you are at the start, but the actual getting on the treadmill, the effort to psych myself up for it, to get my running gear on and do my stretches is the HARDEST bit of all.

The buzz when you are done is Fantastic it makes you feel so good, you have just done it! you knew you could! you have burnt off 300 cals yay.

In 3.5 weeks the scales are showing a 1 lb loss - but thats ok because some parts of me are ROCK solid, I could kill a man with a vice like grip of my legs I am sure! (ooer) My back is so much more streamlined, my face is thinning out nicely and my cellulite is all but gone!

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  1. You should do the adverts for the company you bought your treadmill off, they'd sell a bomb!


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