Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Catching up

I hadn't realised its been so long since I last blogged! Bad blogger. I have two excuses, I've not done much and what I have done I can't show - my blog would be a lot craftier at the moment if it wasn't for designing for assignments!

Secondly my laptop is about as annoying as it can be, I paid another £40 a couple of weeks ago to have the charger jack fixed AGAIN and now the mouse is playing up and its taking about 5-10 clicks to open anything, and dragging or scrolling bars is next to impossible. I've bitten the bullet and ordered a new one which I should get by Thursday. I've not had this one for quite 2 years yet but I suppose that it is used lots and lots and is probably a bit tired now. Much as I love getting a new piece of zippy technology I am not looking forward to loading all my software, fonts, silhoutte files, pictures, printer drivers etc etc. This laptop can then be used by the kids or for downloading stuff. Still its an expense I could do without thank god for interest free credit!

In crafty news I treated myself to a load of promarkers last week (typically before the laptop mouse started playing up!) So I have had fun colouring in and learning to shade etc, they look so pretty in my box too - I have never grown up from the little school girl who LOVED new stationery!!

One thing I have done is make the above card which I will probably give to my mum for mothers day.

In running news all is going well - I typically warm up, run for 11 mins at 8.5kph, walk for 2 and then do 10 mins of alternate sprinting (12kph is a sprint for me) and walking and then a warm down. I had the most painful back ache at the weekend which I think is a result of sprinting and using different muscles than jogging, its gone now though thank god. Weight loss is still a mind numbing 1lb in almost 5 weeks but I can tell the difference in my clothing!


  1. There's something called Easy Transfer which makes it really easy to move all your files across - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/products/features/windows-easy-transfer. You'll need a external hard disk drive or big capacity USB stick in order to do it.

    You still need to load on your software, but it will take care of your files and fonts etc

  2. ah Fay! if only I had seen that 4 hours ago lol, My laptop arrived just after I had wrote the post and I am pretty much sorted now. Funnily enough its always fonts that I loose and have to redownload.

  3. Lovely card Emma, I love pink and green together, so fresh! Did you visit the Promarker sale ? I did and picked up quite a few for me too - your comment about the stationery made me laugh out loud, I am exactly the same!! Well done on the running x x


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