Monday, 14 March 2011

Double Trouble

I may well just be getting back into the swing of things here!

Made this yesterday morning, we had a very relaxed 'stay at home' weekend (mind they have all been like that lately!) and so I got in some scrappy time, this is another one that made itself!

I then started on a dangly butterfly project for Jessicas lightshade in her bedroom which I finished off just now, I will take photos and show you all tomorrow, its simple (although time consuming) and quite effective I think.

I felt so sorry for Jessica yesterday, she was v bored but due to go swimming with friends in the afternoon, unfortunatley everyone let her down, and she was doing sympathy howling (honestly you would have sworn there was a wolf howling at the moon up there!) in her bedroom, I did feel for her, so we took a last minute dash to Tescos to get some baking supplies and we made cupcakes (chocolate and coffee iced) and also st clements cakes which burnt on the bottom so we turned the good bits of cake into a st clements pud with madarin oranges and whipped lemon cream - that perked her up!

Back tomorrow with the butterflies!


  1. Emma you pages are always so fun and colourful. Love them : )

  2. What a fun LO. Sounds like a good baking session was had!


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