Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Through the Round Window

Hiya its my teams turn this week over at Twisted Sketches pop on over to take a look at the sketch and join in. Heres my take on the sketch, its a photo from early last summer when we visited Weston Super Mares aquarium. (colours are a little washed out/over exposed on this)

I had my 6 week weigh in today, so in 6 weeks I have lost (drum roll please) 0lbs Yay!!!!! Jason was saying that one of his pupils has joined a gym and has a personal trainer who told her that in the first few weeks she could expect to GAIN 5lbs as she lost fat but gained muscle. I am hoping that this is what my body is doing and that soon the muscle will stop building and the fat will have to be taken and that the scales will eventually move!

Personal Best on the treadmill today 3.91km, this is an achivement as I have really really hurt my arm and I can hardly move it, the running motion however does not hurt it. What really hurts it is Hoovering, ironing, chopping meat/veggies etc. I'm not sure what I have done to this arm but its been 5 days now and its getting worse and worse and I can do less and less each day, I can only just dress/undress myself if it gets much worse I shall have to go get it checked out I think!

Now I need to go and elevate/rest this arm as this is hurting to type!


  1. How depressing. I guess at least you haven't gained.
    Love your bright page : )

  2. Fabulous layout! Love the hot pink with the red!


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