Thursday, 10 February 2011

Twice as N'ice'

Yes I actually scrapped today, I've been uncreative all week, not even inclined to sit at my desk. Decided enough was enough today and forced myself to give it a go.

Not scrapped in 8.5x11.5 landscape ever ever before, but it worked well with this layout, it did occur to me that I should have used ice-creamed themed products but I went where the paper lead me and today that was birds!

I like this pic of Jessica and I because my face look slim and at the moment my face is anything but!

Got a call from the treadmill company (fay its that I bought from) to say my treadmill was out of stock and so they have upgraded me to the next one up, not sure how I feel about this, it looks to be a maybe slightly better machine but its not as pretty, the display looks a bit clunky.

And finally I found this pic on my memory stick when I uploaded today, poor poor Bruno, he puts up with a lot!


  1. Lovely page Emma, really sweet. I've never scrapped that way before either.
    Emma, where do you plan to keep your treadmill?

  2. Hi Emma, have you ever thought about doing a 5k run for life for cancer research? they are great and it helped me motivate myself. You will meet lots of lovely ladies and it is all for a good cause.
    I love that cute page of you and your little girl.


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