Thursday, 24 February 2011

Something to show


At last this week I have something to share, I have spent all week doing not much apart from ironing, walking and running on the treadmill (7 days out of 9 which is blummin good I reckon)

The Scrapbook Magazine landed through my door this afternoon, so I guess that means I can share the 2 layouts that I have in this months issue.

Its a real shame though because I forgot to take photos before I sent them off and it will be months yet til I get them back, so you will have to put up with one blurred one I took before I stuck things down and one that I took direct from the magazine with my iphone - oooops


  1. Love both of the pages, but especially the second, lovely colours :) Well done on getting them published

  2. Love the concept and double title of the first layout and love the bunting and summery vibe of the second. Very good achievement!


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