Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Jessica and the sand snake

I've had this photo since last June and I have had it in my scrap pile for that long too, today it finally got done! I love this photo as I think it looks like a big sand snake coming out of the sand at Jessica.

I used my February Scrapagogo kit for this, love the Cosmo Cricket TOGETHERNESS papers that were included especially.

Much excitement here as tomorrow my Treadmill finally arrives, there is nothing more frustrating than making a decision to do/buy something and then having to wait for the blummin thing to arrive (its going in our bedroom Lisa - romantic eh!!?) I am a little worried about the delivery as they promise kerbside delivery only (further help at drivers discretion), hmmmm there is NO WAY that little me can lug a treadmill into the house on my own - I hope mr delivery man takes pity!!! also our kerbside is a grass verge thats about 4 foot high eeeeek, I must admit to giving it more worry time than I should, but then I think thats symptomatic of my recent anxiety problems.

I think now I may have to spend the afternoon crocheting, as I have been neglecting my blanket of late, don't think I have crocheted a hexagon for it in about a week, I shall put on 'one born every minute' and hook as I watch!


  1. Love all those circles Emma.

    Nice addition to the bedroom!!
    Hope you don't get left with lugging it to the house.

  2. Fab photo, glad you got to scrap it.

    That's for the link to the treadmills. Think Steve is going to go for one. Thankfully it will go in the garage (we had a stepper/glider thing in the bedroom for years, great for hanging clothes on!) Let me know how you get on.

  3. This is fab! Such a clever photo too!

  4. Great photo! Fab LO, I love the way you've done the title especially!

    Good luck with the treadmill x


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