Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Its an absolute monster

I did read all the measurements I really did but nothing prepares you for the sheer size of the thing when its in your home!

The treadmill arrived and blokey would not bring it in put did agree to driving round the back of the house and putting it in our drive. Luckily Jason was having a break and was only 5 minutes away so he came straight home and got it into the house - this was not easy, this thing is HEAVY!!!

You will have to excuse the mess in the background, we had to move a lot of things about to angle it in the door and also I was cooking my lunch so its all a bit hectic!!

(think this photo best shows its sheer size, look at it in proportion to the door way!)

I think we have now decided to keep it in the kitchen, the cupboard under the boiler is going to come out and its going to go in there, think that will be best!

I've done my first 'workout' on it and its pretty cool I have to say! I am pleased (if only I could shrink it between uses)

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