Tuesday, 22 February 2011

And then there was light - an update

I needed something good to happen and it did!

Ian from the treadmill company called me today, he was a lovely old northern gentleman who sounded like a male Jane Horricks and after a bit of umming and aahing he said that he thought that a button was malfunctioning and so we set about examining my machine and with his tutelage and the help of my trusty kitchen knife we found the culprit. The Start button was sticking.

Unfortunaltey unsticking it means it doesn't work anymore as it need fairly major surgery to get it all back connected. Fortunatley the machine has several ways to make it start and so the actual start button is not a necessity.

I am in a lot more of a happier mood than I was this morning, but I am keeping a keen eye on this machine let me tell you!

I did my work out and boy did I need it!

1 comment:

  1. hey, that's some good news then. Hope they've offered you some money back though!


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