Saturday, 12 February 2011

Portrait of a sleepover and why I am a bit dim!

We had a small impromptu sleepover last night, I decided to let the girls sleep on the sofa as we are in the middle of redecorating Jessicas room.

This is what I came downstairs to at 9am this morning bless their hearts, what an absolute mess

Jessica has as usual taken her duvet cover off, both my children do this most nights and it drives me absolutely batty!

Look at Bruno he was absolutely desperate for attention by 9am this morning.

Do you like this new hexagon I tried yesterday? Its called an African Flower Hexagon and the pattern is here

Why am I dim? Because I have been doing a double crochet stitch all wrong and for a very long time! all my blankets I have made when I have believed I was doing a double crochet stitch (US treble crochet) I have actually been doing an extended double crochet, this was the cause of much confusion for me the other day whilst following a pattern and realising my mistake! oops!!

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