Tuesday, 1 February 2011

By Jove I thinks shes got it!

The hang of card making, i'm not hating my last few efforts I have to say!
Have had a lovely morning pottering around making a couple of cards
This card is made using my woodgrain embossing folder, its a little overzealous and keeps actually cutting the card so I have to be careful to not press down too hard when its going through the machine, but it gives a cute effect. The tree is from My Little Shoebox clear stamps.

I'm thinking that the key for me is to keep the card base small, less space to fill and I seem to do better with that.

This butterfly card is another with my home printed sentiment, this one is not quite right, but its a learning process.

And this one was super simple and took me 10 mins, wham bang thank you ma'am!

I'm trying not to turn this blog into a card making one I promise but this is what happens when I potter about in my craft space with no clear purpose well that and the complete lack of decent photographs at the moment, I NEED to use my camera more. I did buy Jessica a whole new look at the weekend and she is threatening me with a photo shoot (shes threatening me!!! she loves the camera that girl!) so stay tuned! It would be nice to actually get some nice shots of Joe though but he is a lot more elusive!!!


  1. Lovely cards, I really like the first one. I don't have many sentiment stamps either so have tried using the pc too.
    Have a look at the photography class on my blog, may help you to use your camera more!

  2. lovin your cards too Emma. That tree is so cute. If a tree can be described as being cute !!


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