Monday, 8 November 2010


Oooo its so frustrating! I have an commission from TSM and I just can't get started, after procrastinating all morning I finally sat down to create and have only managed to ruin one really nice piece of paper - bah! Luckily the deadline is not for another 6 weeks so I have plenty of time but I hate it when I stall like this.

We've had a busy quiet weekend, went into town yesterday with the intention of buying Joe and Jess some winter jumpers and managed to come back with a gorgeous winter coat for myself (Jason offered to get it me for crimbo but I WANT IT NOW!!!) so I bought it myself. I did managed to pick a few things up for the sproglets so its not all bad.

We've also done a far bit of decorating in the hall, its just the painting left now and managed to get Joe and Jess to tidy their rooms. Joe is getting a high sleeper this week, poor love has the box room and he has really outgrown it so we are hoping this will give him more space.

Creative wise I have not done too much, unless you count colouring in owls endlessly (I got a bit addicted actually) I bought this weeks little musings which were owls with scarfs and hats etc and so my cards will feature these this christmas. Jess and I spent a happy hour or two colouring them in on Saturday.

here are the owls:

and here is an example card
I don't profess to being a great (or even good) card maker, its not a love of mine!

And one last ramble before I sign off of blogland. I have started Slimming World AGAIN, I've put on half a stone since the wedding and my clothes were getting tight and I am looking very puffy of face so I have taken the bull by the horns and hope to get a half stone off by our christmas meal on Dec 18th (thats unrealistic but 5lbs would be nice) Let it be noted that I am hungry :(


  1. Good luck with Slimming World. I'm thinking of going back to WW - although I've no idea what I've put on as the scales are broken.

  2. Cute card, I love owly things! Good luck on slimming world. I'm doing my low carb thing again in the new year before the wedding, not looking forward to it!

    If you're still interested, the BG papers on that LO are Olivia, they are really nice IRL :)


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