Saturday, 27 November 2010

A Scrapbooking Card

I like making cards that are mini scrapbooking pages and as I had this lovely picture of Jessica and Emily together it was an easy thing to make it into a card for Emilys birthday. I like that she can keep this card as a ready made picture frame after her birthday. Emily likes seeing my scrapbooking so I hope she will be pleased with this. Jessica is going to Emilys sleepover tonight and Joe is going to his dads.

We are off to my brothers for the evening, we were supposed to be going for a meal and then drinks in Cheltenham but I am still under the weather and have a dreadful hacking cough that is worse when I am moving about and in the cold so we are going to have a takeaway a nice bottle of wine and some games on the wii instead. I am looking forward to it, not seen my little brothers new home yet! Best bit is that Bruno gets to come too. Jessica informed me that going to a sleepover at my brothers house was 'gay' but then everything is 'gay' to Jessica at the moment!

The good news this week was that I finally finally found Jessicas must have christmas present, she wants a lotso huggin bear from toy story 3 and they are so hard to find, everywhere is out of stock or overpriced (I refuse to pay double on ebay!) But this week I managed to lay my hands on one. For a little girl whos vocabulary runs to saying 'gay' a hundred times a day she sure likes her cuddly toys!

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous cards. I have two boys - and everything is "gay" in this house too!!


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