Thursday, 11 November 2010

Scrapping Disasters Darling

I am certainly having my fair share this week! Yesterday I was shaking a bottle of pink cosmic shimmer mist with the lid on and it sprayed everywhere (turns out there was a hole in the bottom of the bottle) it went all over the 5 cropped photos that I was about to use, it went all over the completed birthday card for my sisters birthday next week and it went all over my jumper that I was wearing, all of those things completley ruined!

Today I finished the 2nd layout for The Scrapbook Magazine, and I was really pleased with it, I was photographing it on my kitchen worktop on an easel, when the bloody thing toppled off and managed to land face down in a tiny amount of tomato splodge that was on the worktop, I now have a large area that I will need to fill and I am massively NOT AMUSED! I hate having black worktops I genuinely did not see the tomato sauce at the back of the surface.

Anyhow I do have 2 completed layouts that I really like (well when I have performed surgery on the 2nd one) and so at least thats something. Here are a couple of sneeks for you:

At the moment here it is raining so heavily that it sounds like I am in a caravan not a house, I am soooo looking forward to picking up Jess in an hour! Lets hope it stops, I don't have that many talents in life but one of them is the ability to be the wettest person around when it is raining, I kid you not, the rain is attracted to me and while most people will look a little damp I will look like a spaniel that took a swim in a river! One thing about winter I am liking is the ability to wear a hat, thus covering my hair and stopping me needing to make my birds nest presentable, just whack on a hat and go!

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