Wednesday, 3 November 2010


I've made a good start on my christmas shopping this week and all from the comfort of my reclining sofa! I love internet shopping, no crowds and mostly cheaper, even with P&P on top. I've even sent an email to Jason with links to what I want (I sourced it as cheap as I can for him) and as some were low stock he did a bit of shopping for me last night ;) With a bit of research I managed to get 2 items for a bargain price, saving him around £40, don't say I never do anything for him!

I've managed a bit of scrapping today too. I bought an easel from Ikea on Sunday just for photographing my layouts on, with the terrible weather and light at the moment it makes it a bit easier. Still its not the best colour wise.

I've a faulty connection on my laptop which means its hard to get it to charge up, one false move and I lose the charge, its getting steadily worse and it very annoying, I rang a repair shop and they want £89 to fix it, its only a case of soldering the connection but it seems from research that its the going rate. Pah! I will struggle on for now I think!


  1. Cool LO Emma.
    My two would love that drink : )

  2. such a Fantastic layout! love your mix of colors and patterns....really fun! love your title work and your cup/journaling spot...super fun and creative!


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