Thursday, 1 April 2010

My wedding dess

Well it came today - packaged like this, which had me fuming - I took this photo in case I needed to complain about the dress being creased etc. Luckily it wasn't creased but thats luck and certainly not their judgement!

I tried it on and it looked nice, then I got Jessica to photograph me and oh dear, I looked a right state on film, my arms are humongus (I knew I needed to buy a little shrug and now I KNOW I need to lol) and my cleavage is massive, I so wish I had nice little neat breasts I hate having a chest it makes me look as size 16 and not the 12 I am! In fact I look like 2 different people in one wedding dress, its so neat and flattering from the waist down and I look like a bloody shot putter from the waist up! work is needed! I wonder if 2 months of weights will improve my arms any?

Anyway here are some pic of it one the hanger


  1. wow it's really beautiful!!!

  2. Your dress is gorgeous, i love it! I bet you look lovely in it really! I can recommend a my auntie for the alterations if you still need someone, she doesn't live that far from you either!

  3. It looks really gorgeous! I so wish i could choose my wedding dress again!

  4. It is absolutely lovely, and you will look absolutely lovely in it and no-one will notice your arms big or not as you will be so happy that everyone will all be looking at your HUGE smile!!! :)

  5. Now that is a gorgeous wedding dress! Hey, I'm sure you will look great on that special day!

  6. Grogeous, great choice, you will look absolutely beautiful x


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