Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Bigger the Better

Here is what I have been up to this afternoon, I little overdone perhaps, but I will never learn to embellish more if I don't try!

I used a combination of old Scarlet Lime kits, and I'm pleased to get some of it used! Still a whole pizza box bursting at the seams with paper from the kits though!

3.5 Years ago, someone promised me a bottle of wine (he's a bit of a wine buff) and he has just knocked on the door with it, which was a bit of a shocker! (and probably not terribly polite to greet him with "Oh Bloody Hell!) Will not be able to drink it for a while as I have sworn off alcohol for a couple of weeks, which is a pain as I have a couple of social engagements this week (will I cave in? - Probably!)


  1. Doesn't look over done at all, well done on using up some old kits and good luck with the not drinking!!

  2. Thanks for leaving a note on my blog :)
    This LO is gorgeous, love the butterflies! Now why would you do something daft like stop drinking? Good Luck with it!

  3. Wow, I think this is a fab LO, perfect amount of embellishment I'd say :)

  4. Hello, I've just stumbled over your blog from UKS. I think this is a gorgeous LO - do you mind me asking how you did the butterflies? They are lovely. Kx

  5. Luv your mix of colours! Gorgeous LO!


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