Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Well I know who gets my vote!

I just had a Conservative canvasser walk across my lawn! Well I couldn't let that one go could I? He did to be fair look suitably embarrassed to be caught out and he apologised. In general I am trying to be more relaxed about the whole leaflet dropper and lawn situtation, we had several droppers yesterday and I blew a kiss at all of them as they all used the path! Royal Mail have been dismal and recently 3 different postmen have walked accross the lawn so I fired of a complaint email and so far so good, and no more naughty posties.

Yes I know I am obsessed with the lawn :)

No scrapping recently.

At the weekend my Laptop managed (even with a virus protecter) to catch a trojan and there was nothing for it but to reset it back to factory settings, so I lost the lot, all my programms, quite a lot of good photos that were taken in the last month (and possibly all my photos if I don't find my memory stick soon) its all very depressing and so I have buried my head in the sand and not been online much since Friday.

Hopefully normal service will resume soon - tomorrow I may scrap!


  1. I hope you find your memory stick Emma, fingers crossed. You do make me laugh with your lawn stories!

  2. Poor you, I hope you find the memory stick soon!!


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