Wednesday, 28 April 2010

You're kidding me right?

Today Jason and I took a stroll to our local interflora florists, just to enquire on the prices (bloody expensive since you ask, so we are going to do our own) the lady helpfully gave us their wedding price list brochure. Really Interflora? Really? This is the best way to advertise wedding flowers? Am I am prostitute? A stripper? Do I have incredibly bad taste? The answer is a big fat NO!

There is another pic of the happy couple and the look like they would nut you as soon as look at you!

I have done some scrapping today, but I haven't quite finished it yet, so pics of that tomorrow.

In other news I have had a fraught day. With the weather being nice we had the back door open and bruno our dog often goes and sits in the sun quite happily! We learnt today that he is not to be trusted, he disappeared and we could not find him anywhere - cue Jason and I frantically running up and down the neighbourhood, and then driving around the neighbourhood looking for him. I got back home to find that Jason had found him, he had apparently just trotted back home after he was done SCAREING US WITLESS.


  1. Oh Emma, I'm so sorry but your post made me laugh out loud!! Not just those hideous wedding bouquet pics but cheeky little Bruno too, what a scamp!! I'm so glad my little ratties can't wander off too far!! xxx

  2. Eek those wedding pics are scary. Glad Mr Bruno is home safe and sound. xx

  3. OMG, can't believe those photos, very tacky. Don't blame you for doing your own flowers. Glad you found Bruno OK x


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