Saturday, 3 April 2010

When I Grow up - Butterfly Crafts

Just realised I forgot to show you the LO I did for Aprils Visual Challenge at We had to use this ad for inspiration, and I'll admit I really struggled with this one. So I did something completely different and made my first 8.5x11.5 LO

Its a shame that these are currently Jessicas aspirations in life, but I am sure she will grow out of it!

Yesterday we did yet more wedding shopping (yawn) but we did well we got: jessicas dress, Joes outfit (a cute little white granddad shirt with a linen waistcoat and black trousers) Jason got a shirt and a waistcoat, he tried it on and he looked sooooooo smart in all his get up!

I got a little cardi for my arms, a slip (as the dress is a bit see through) and a nice little pearl flower headband with silvery bits.

Got home, and dress is still see through, my knickers are DETERMINED to be a BIG part of my day, don't know what else to do, the dress has an underlayer, I have a slip, how am I going to stop this knicker line??? I can't wear seamless pants as this underwear was selected to make my figure look sleek in this particular dress - arrrghhhh.

And then the cardi I thought was perfect isn't, it covers all the detail on the dress, so now at least I know I need a bolero style, but this is causing me great stress as ivory boleros are not as easy to find as you may think, there is one, but its got long sleeves.

Then we realised there is a mark on Jessicas Dress - what is it with Debenhams and marks on dresses - so I am STRESSED big time. The mark looks like a water splodge and because the front of the dress falls in pleats its not necessarily obvious as I can make it fall into a crease, so I may or may not take it back, depending on how I feel after easter (I am NOT dealing with anything til after easter now!)

We also treated Joe to a cable to hook his xbox to the internet (he was so chuffed) and guess what? It doens't work! So after 90 mins trying everything in the world, we had one very stressed household and my head was BANGING.

How I managed NOT to have a drink last night I don't know, but I just stuck to appleade (pretended it was cider lol) I still managed to wake up at 2am this morning with a headache that was horrendous (I actually dreamt that I was taking Parcetamol for a headache before I woke up!)

Despite the major moanathon I am upbeat today!!! Yes Really!!!! I know!!!!

Kids are off to their dads for a few days this afternoon and Jason and I have a few social occasions planned, so I am gonna forget all the wedding crap and relax and enjoy the company of good friends, wine and lots of laughs

Have a good Easter everyone!!!


  1. BHS does some lovely shrugs, have a look online at the wedding section - if all else fails try Ebay!!!! i'm sure you'll find what you're looking for. Wedding's are a little stressful - i'm doing dress shopping in 2 weeks time and i'm a little nervous.
    cute layout, love the inspiration too xx

  2. Oh goodness, Emma! You really have been up against it recently. If you ever need any advice on the xbox, my 17 yr old son is an expert! Also, when Joe does get online, I'm sure my youngest, Nathan (11) would love to hook up with him to chat and play together.
    Take care, Marie x


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