Monday, 19 April 2010

Chocolate Bunny

Hasn't the weather been lovely? Bruno has been soaking up the sun in the garden, hes such a good little doggy and even though our garden is not secure, he just moves from sunny spot to sunny spot, he really has no interest in wandering off! Here he is with Skittle yesterday afternoon just catching some rays!

Today the kids went back to school, time to tackle the great ironing mountain that has built up recently. I will have to do a bit each day to get the laudry cuboard looking more manageable!

And then on to the fun stuff, I made this today. See those lil blue scallops thats made by cutting the punch out from the punch I showed in the last post in half! its a great punch for versatility.


  1. Really pretty colours and great scalloping

  2. Awww Bruno and Skittle are just so sweet together - what a great photo! Love the choccy bunny LO too - so sweet! xx

  3. Great photo of the pets! Love the LO :)


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