Saturday, 10 April 2010

I'm Back!

Oh the relief! I am back wirlessley!

Yesterday our wired PC developed a virus and was mostly unuseable, Major panic from me as it was our only internet link. My mate Bill came and sorted it by setting it back 4 days and doing a full restore and updating our virus checkers (me loves Bill) I did have to sit through a stern lecture on PC management, to which I looked suitably contrite and promised I would do better (although I know I won't!)

Today after exhausting all other possibilities (we orignially thought that we had broken the router whilst trying to connect to xbox live last weekend - but it seems to have been a coincidence) we took our router back to the shop with its receipt (which after 9 months we were lucky to find) and got it exchanged no probs, so I am now the happiest of happy bunnies!

I hated not having a laptop and I HATED not having wireless on my iphone, its amazing how much I use the wireless on my iphone, its been like cutting off an arm this week.

So this week I hope to resume normal blog service, no more posts without pics!

Weeeeeeeeeee I am sooooooooo happpppyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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