Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wooo get me!

Well look at me, blogging! I know!

Ive not been bothered with it all lately, no desire to craft so I have only crafted when I have been obligated to do so and therefore there is nothing to show - you know how it is!

January has been a mixed month, busy as in, decorating - last weekend we put oak laminate in our living room, a quick decision to get it in before the new sofas arrive, and I am so glad we did, the room looks so fresh and clean with it down and combined with the new walls, and it really wasn't too much hassle at all. January has also been quiet in the social sense, we have only gone out once, and shock horror I stuck to diet coke, this is for no other reason than we wanted to decorate the living room, something had to give and that something was the money we normally spend in pubs, I've really not missed it either!

You may remember towards the end of November I mentioned dieting again, and I have slowly been plugging away and this time with some success, I have lost 9lbs so far, not bad when you consider my bodys natural resistance to weight loss and the fact that we had Christmas in the middle of all that! I'm hoping by the spring I will be if not slender then somewhere approaching it.

We've also had a dreadful time with Jessica and school, lots of crying and distress, she takes a while to settle in to new places and it was tough going for a while there. I went in to talk to her tutor and with a few measures put in place she seems to be getting there, she has not cried in about 2 weeks now.

So I was mentioning I only scrap when obligated? Heres one now for you. Ive been in the midst of a pain in the arse assignment thats caused me no end of teeth nashing and angst so for this weeks Twisted Sketch I had to do a quicky, just to get it done and sent, still it fits the brief!

I should be back in the next day or few as I have some layouts from the current issue of The Scrapbook Magazine to share!

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