Thursday, 23 February 2012

Making Fabric Bunting

I've made paper bunting of course, any crafter worth their salt must have attempted that by now surely? But fabric bunting, involving sewing and seams and turning inside out oh no! Thats not for me is it? Yes I own a sewing machine, but its purely for paper crafting and messing about with.

At the weekend we put our blind up, we have wooden horizontal slatted blinds which are nice, do the job and match the new sofa but I wanted a bit of colour introducing so I set about looking for something, curtains are out as the sofa is up against the window and so they would catch. I then decided on a red roller blind but I wanted to keep the wooden ones too as they are great for privacy and I swear we have the nosiest people around here who just stare in as they walk past and I HATE that! I worried that 2 blinds would look stupid, but you know what? It really doesn't. I roll the roller up in the day, so there is just a sliver of red showing and use the wooden ones for privacy and then I roll down the roller in the night and its all cosy and lovely.

The I decided I wanted to fancy it up a bit and so I hit on the idea of bunting as an alternatice to a pelmet if you will and a lot less fussy.

I got on ebay and ordered my fabrics and bias binding, 4 fat quarters not a bundle, I chose these all individually to suit my room. Get me on the fat quarters I so had to google what that was!!! That red and white chick with trees fabric is ace and really suits the scandinavian style dressings of my room

As the fabrics arrived in dribs and drabs I set about making my pennants, I used this tutorial here that is very easy to follow for even the least sewy of people (and believe me I fit in that catogory!)

My first couple of pennants were a little wonky but I soon hit my stride and it was surprisingly easy, in fact the hardest thing of all was cutting out the triangles as my scissors were not as sharp as they could have been, all the technically bits were a doddle!

Once I had my 9 pennants made I had to sew them onto the bias binding, I was dreading this bit and was sure I would mess it up, but it was the easiest bit of the whole process, I breezed through it.

Ta da! The finished article that will hang in a staight line along the top of the window, just overhanging the red roller blind. I am really pleased with it and it looks like a professional job almost. I did have to fight the temptation of making more and more and more and I will have to stop a bugeoning fabric obsession I am sure but really its so simple so give it a go if you fancy!

I've just ordered some interfacing and more fabric so I can make Jessica an owl cushion that can be made on the cameo - watch this space!!!

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  1. I'm impressed!!!
    Love the fork story btw (papermaze)
    Funny how things happen x


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