Friday, 10 February 2012

Oooo I've had a day of it!

Last night we had to move the old sofas out of the living room as we were having our new ones delivered today. I was very worried about the forcast snow stopping our delivery and spent a far amount of time worrying about this and getting all anxious

Oh how silly I was, there were far more thing to be worried about than snow! Turns out the snow was only a little splattering and at 9am I got the call that the sofas would be with me within an hour! Happy dance, I was very excited.

That ended quite quickly when it became apparent that the sofas would not fit in through the living room door. Very stressed at this point. "You'll have to take the window out to get them in" says helpful delivery driver. Ummm what? I can't begin to tell you the ridiculousness of saying something like that to me.

One bit would go in, the smaller bit of the corner unit. Joe rang me from school to say he was headachey, so I picked him up and he got that little bit of sofa and I was relegated to the cushions again!

Bruno is a chilled dog and was completely unfazed with the chaos that was reigning all over the house and was quite happy to curl up on the cushion pile!

Jason was able to move his last lesson of the day and so he came home to assess the situation. After much googling from me, we decided that it was possible to remove the living room window ourselfs and so we did, it took 5 mins! Then we lobbed in the other bit of the corner. Marcus, Jasons brother came round to help with the bigger sofa and to help put the window back in - again a fairly easy and quick job all in all.

And so there you have it, if you had told me at 10am that I would have both sofas in the house and still have a living room window intact by 4.30pm I would not have believed you! I am so incredibly relieved to have it done and so easily!

Now I can concentrate on finishing touches, buying rugs and accessories and curtains etc!


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